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Ensuring seamless operations at Cologne Bonn Airport

Qvest designs and installs AOCC’s technical infrastructure

In an era where efficiency and real-time control are paramount in the aviation industry, Cologne Bonn Airport has taken a significant step forward by unveiling its new Airport Operation Control Center (AOCC). This state-of-the-art facility, designed to optimize resource management and ensure operational resilience, is a testament to the airport's commitment to excellence. This achievement was made possible with the support of Qvest.

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Empowering airport operations in real time

Inaugurated on November 22, 2022, the AOCC is a hub of activity where airport personnel can seamlessly plan, operate, and monitor all aspects of flight operations, passenger services, and cargo handling in real time, from the moment an aircraft arrives until it departs. This level of control and coordination has been made possible through Qvest's expertise in designing and installing the AOCC's technical infrastructure.

Meeting stringent requirements for functionality and reliability

The airport's operational team has immediate access to all critical information required for efficient coordination of day-to-day activities. Moreover, the AOCC facilitates direct communication between internal and external partners, enables flexible planning, and empowers rapid, process-oriented decision-making, even in the face of unexpected events such as adverse weather conditions.

The technological backbone of the AOCC

At the heart of the AOCC's IT environment lies a high-availability KVM (Keyboard, Video, and Mouse) system meticulously implemented by Qvest. This cutting-edge system employs a multi-level redundancy concept, ensuring the highest level of fail-safety and seamless interaction among AOCC staff. The KVM system allows data-loss-free switching in real-time, a critical capability in safety-critical processes.

Flexibility and redundancy ensured

To meet the airport's stringent availability requirements, Qvest implemented a solution that not only delivers redundancy but also maximizes flexibility and ease of use. This was achieved through the spatial separation of server and workstation systems. The highly available KVM solution comprises two modular matrix switches, connecting KVM signals, computers, and sources to monitors, keyboards, and mice at all workstations. Sources can be assigned and configured as needed, ensuring adaptability to evolving operational demands.

A glimpse of the AOCC

The new AOCC, located in Terminal 1, offers an expansive view of the airport's aprons, cargo area, and runway. Covering an impressive area of around 500 square meters, it not only houses the control center but also includes dedicated spaces for social interaction, offices, meetings, and technical operations.

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