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Published 2. April 2024

Qvest implements progressive educational institution for media and TV technologies

As one of the most powerful Systems Integration partners in Middle East, Qvest achieves planning and realization of large-scaled technology projects according to high quality standards. For Aljazeera Media Institute, Qvest implemented one of the most progressive educational institutions for media and TV technologies.

Numerous successfully completed projects reflect Qvest’s well-founded industry-specific and technical know-how. Projects in broadcasting, IPTV, media cloud computing, training, and e-learning, mobile TV, and digital signage foster innovation and compile customized solutions for media companies across the world.

With the latest technology, ingest, editing and playout solutions, studio installation, outside broadcasting and mobile production solutions implemented, customers benefit from the company’s excellent engineering and carefully selected products of its international partners.

Aljazeera Media Institute

With its Media Institute in Doha/Qatar, Aljazeera conducts future-oriented trainings for its employees. The facility is one of the most modern training centers worldwide, which orientates itself on the highest technical standards. As general contractor, Qvest was responsible for all phases of the project, such as preparation of the technical concept, planning, technical integration, and the start of operations, as well as training of the teaching staff. 

Technical implementation of the training center

To demonstrate the various facets of different TV formats, such as shows, news, and talks, Qvest equipped a total of four studios and the associated control rooms with state-of-the-art technology. The studios are supplemented by auditoriums, with a capacity for up to 200 students. Here, the latest presentation and communication technology is used for interactive live training courses. The complete training complex, as well as its areas of recording, production, and further processing are equipped entirely with HD technology. In the interconnected control room facilities, special importance was attached to the handling of the most varied broadcast formats. Therefore, the infrastructure allows the training of the specialist personnel in all audio and video formats currently present on the market.

To shift to IP-based processes, the concept of file-based workflows is being followed consistently. Thus, Qvest implemented a fully redundant, central media server system, which is based on Avid shared storage servers. Control of ingest and playout processes is handled by Avid platforms and systems. Decentralized areas of the media server System, such as on-air graphics, LowRes browsing, and craft editing are linked via IP to the Avid storage system. 

Technical specifications (extract)

  • 10 x Sony studio cameras 
  • Real-time graphic application from Vizrt 
  • 9 x Vinten camera pedestals 
  • DeSisti high-end studio lighting 
  • NEC video wall with 9 displays 46” 
  • 3 x Ross video mixers 
  • Ross projectors for the auditoriums 
  • Grass Valley video router 
  • Grass Valley multi-viewer system 
  • Avid newsroom solution with 25 Instinct clients 
  • Postproduction systems equipped with Avid and Apple Pro workstations 
  • 3D graphic PC and Mac workstations 
  • Avid Interplay shared storage system 
  • RIEDEL Intercom 
  • Fully equipped radio studio with audio production 

Fully functional newsroom

In addition, Qvest installed a fully functional newsroom for editorial training purposes. An Avid newsroom solution connects it to all large feed and agency networks. The video and graphics processing are realized using 3D graphic workstations networked with the system environment. 

In accordance with the requirements of a modern broadcasting installation, all central components were brought together at one location. Thus, the systems for routing, multi-viewing, signal conversion, or synchronization are accommodated in a central equipment room. 

All facts at a glance

  • Technical set-up of new training center for media and TV technologies for Aljazeera 
  • Most modern media institute worldwide for future-oriented training courses 
  • Completion of a cross-functional, media-technical infrastructure 
  • Preparation, concept, planning, technical integration, and staff training 
  • Four studios and associated control rooms plus auditoriums for up to 200 persons 
  • Integration of state-of-the-art HD capable technology 
  • Central media server system handled by Avid Interplay & Avid Airspeed Solutions 
  • Fully functional newsroom for editorial training 
  • Combination of all multi-media training areas in the creative, technical and administrative field 
  • Fully equipped radio production facility 
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