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Published 27. October 2023

Revolutionizing service excellence in machine and tool manufacturing

In the dynamic landscape of Industry 4.0, manufacturers face the pressing need for digital transformation and networked production. The vulnerabilities of supply chains in recent years emphasized the crucial role of resilient structures and processes across sectors.

For the machine and tool manufacturing industry, embracing digitization is imperative, with a focus on intelligent networking of people, machines, and processes through information and communication technology.

Application navigating the digital divide in service excellence

The client, a prominent player in this industry, encountered significant challenges in managing and utilizing data generated during the service check of their distributed devices. The existing process involved complex data processing, analysis, and evaluation, leading to inefficiencies, and missed opportunities for value creation. The client sought expertise to develop a customer-centric service tool that would streamline data documentation and analysis.

Key challenges

Inefficient data utilization: The client struggled to harness the full potential of data generated during service checks, hindering the development of intelligent services.

Global accessibility, local usability: Creating a web application accessible on all operating systems worldwide, accommodating users with diverse devices and IT skills.

Lean Start-Up Approach

Mastering the Lean Start-up Approach

Embarking on the Lean Start-up Approach, we engaged in a methodical journey marked by key phases together with the customer: Learn, Ideate, Test, and Build.

Each step played a crucial role in shaping a practical web application, with a strong emphasis on user needs and efficient global scalability.


Learn Phase: Uncovering user pain points, wishes and needs, employing market research methods, including interviews. This laid the foundation for a customer-centric approach


Ideation Phase: Designing potential solutions that aligned with user requirements, collaborating with experts in user experience, software development, and data analysis


Extensive Testing: Subjecting the functional prototype to rigorous testing with sales managers and users, following the principle of ‘no software launch without thorough testing


Build Phase: Implementing the initial concept as a clickable dummy allowed early feedback collection. This iterative prototyping process involved users, ensuring the final product met their expectations


The result? Global Scalability!
The resulting web application, focused on essential and value-added functions, enabled global scaling while maintaining regional customization for optimal usability

Unveiling success: The service check transformation

The successful implementation of the project yielded significant benefits. Prioritizing user needs seamlessly aligned with the sales staff's requirements. This elevated service check processes and fostered a paradigm where the user took center stage. Through the iterative prototyping process, guided by user feedback, nimbleness, efficiency, and instructiveness became the hallmarks on the road to completion.

Embracing an open-minded approach, crafted through early user involvement and a continuous feedback loop, fueled perpetual development, pushing boundaries, and embracing new possibilities. Clear communication established the foundation of this success story, with a shared understanding of technical terms—from web development to progressive web apps—becoming threads weaving together the narrative of achievement.

Evolution in action

The client's service check processes were transformed, showcasing the power of a customer-centric, iterative approach. This success story emphasizes the significance of clear communication, open-mindedness, and continuous development in navigating complex IT projects successfully.

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