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Published 21. September 2021

How tailor-made data management support security authorities on duty

Well-positioned administrative authorities and security organs are the basis for maintaining the rule of law. Modern digital infrastructures are the essentials base for technological sovereignty and the seamless interaction of security authorities. Communication, analyzation, and data management solutions are needed for a networked, collaborative, and secure workflow, and to perform daily tasks fast, reliable, and efficiently.

Application concept: Digital Asset Management for police authorities

National Police forces need to be able to process and handle an ever-increasing array of multimedia content such as video, text, and audio files. This is usually handled manually, and a wide variety of software solutions and work processes make viewing, reading, and evaluating this data time-consuming, costly, and error prone.

Qvest designed an integrated Digital Asset Management solution featuring a seamless workflow for managing multimedia content in a centralized, secure, and efficient manner. The media system enables content to be publicly uploaded using a cloud infrastructure, for example based on Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services (AWS), through branded and tailored citizen portals. It also enables the use of ingest stations at local police stations, which allows officers to ingest multimedia content quickly and accurately into the central media management system.

Seamless asset management workflow

The first step in content acquisition follows the most strict and best security principles designed for file sanitation, multi scanning for malware, file type validation, customized data security models, authentication principles based on active directory or user-specific identity and access management.

The core of the media asset management and workflow engine allows the storage and processing of digital media assets, ensuring and securing the chain of custody with relevant legislation or law enforcement, as well as the common standard for information security (ISO 27001 or equivalent).

GPU based transcoding and invisible watermarking enhance the solution to give the end users, e. g. police officers, the ability to quickly and accurately verify assets that are valuable for an investigation. The assets can then be enriched using forensic tools that allow for corrections to be made and all media assets are transcoded fully automatically into a pre-defined format. Browsing, playing, and viewing of media files accurately can be done using a unified user interface and there is no longer a need to use proprietary software to manage and analyze the multitude of video data such as from CCTV, drones, and body cam footage. In addition, the DAM offers precise and reproducible solutions for correcting aspect ratio, enhancing and editing information, and annotating assets.

Additional features

  • Dynamic scaling of cloud-based ingest allows to cover all loads, from daily operation to crisis scenarios, for citizen generated content
  • Well documented API for easy integration of third-party applications (e. g. Business Intelligence systems)
  • Optional enhancement with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) systems for data analysis and meta data enrichment
  • Infrastructure-agnostic installation and operation scenarios: on-premises, cloud-based or hybrid
  • Service desk workflows to review material manually
  • Customized GUI according to UX design specifications of the client
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