Media in focus: analysis and management

Moritz Strittmatter
Moritz Strittmatter
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Published 21. December 2021

Media analysis as a tool for successful media, campaign, reputation, and crisis management

Through the changing landscape of media and especially the related impact on communication, interaction and response, enormous potential is developing – both for great successes and deep crises. Modern media analysis methodology and tools come into play here to provide support.

Qvest supports its customers with technical solutions tailored to their needs. These can be used in campaign planning, crisis prevention and early detection, as well as in acute crisis phases and final analyses and follow-up of media events and crisis incidents. A synopsis.

Looking into the future: the evolution of the media landscape

The evolution of the media is creating new challenges for institutions and companies of all kinds. The rules of the media world are changing at a rapid pace, and the number of relevant and popular media platforms has grown enormously with the Internet. Exchanges take place digitally in real time, and the mass media are increasingly becoming individual media, which can be adapted to each individual. The result is a complex shift in media sectors and players, which a team of experts from Qvest has analyzed in more detail.

Shift in media sectors and players
Shift in media sectors and players

New and complex groupings are forming, and it is not possible to respond to them in a generalized and one-size-fits-all manner. Individual and institutional players are moving in a space where both commercial and political-social interests are relevant. In order to keep track of the various currents and players, an accurate analysis of the media is essential.

Traditional media analysis uses tools such as surveys, resonance analyses and the evaluation of ratings and user figures. However, all these factors are static snapshots and are no longer sufficient in the changing media landscape. New technical and methodical solutions are therefore essential in media analysis.

Below, we will look at the change in media analysis in relation to campaign and classic media management, and then subsequently also take a closer look at reputation and crisis management. For the resulting solution approaches and necessary tools, Qvest offers its customers comprehensive and individually tailored technical support, in addition to other services in the implementation, such as the adaptation of workflows, support through change management, and final services.

Media analysis in campaign and media management

A media analysis can be used for various purposes, both in its classical and modern forms. The most frequent use of media analysis, especially for companies and institutions as well as media professionals in general, is the analysis of the market and especially of the outside perception of one’s own brand. The success or failure of campaigns to strengthen the company’s own image is often also measured and analyzed. 

Traditionally, the analysis of the success of such an image or advertising campaign or the dissemination of one’s own content in the case of media creators is based on quantitative values such as circulation, audience share or clicks/views in the online sector. Qualitatively, this can be enriched and evaluated through surveys, and ultimately the sales figures for the advertised product may still be available. However, this is changing rapidly due to the opportunities for user/consumer networking in the digital world: The advertisement or message is transmitted “virally” from person to person.

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Media in focus: analysis and management
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