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Published 16. June 2023

7 Questions for Nils Jansing

Nils Jansing is Head of Controlling at Qvest. In our interview series "7 Questions for ..." he talks about his start at the company, everyday working life and the development opportunities in his department.

Nils also has tips for applicants who want to work in Controlling.

Question: Nils, when did you start at Qvest and how did you end up here?

Nils Jansing: I started working for Qvest as a Junior Controller / Specialist in Finance back in 2016 after completing my studies in business law. However, my relationship with the company goes back a long way: as part of a semester abroad in 2014, I was given the opportunity to accompany projects in the MENA region for Qvest in Dubai. I really enjoyed the work on site. We achieved good results and performance in the team, so that after a few months the management offered me to start at Qvest after finishing my studies.

After we discussed my areas of responsibility, I had my first day at work in September 2016. The thing that excited me back then still motivates me today: the drive to continuously improve. Since then, Qvest has grown to more than 20 companies. It's simply fun to be part of an internationally expanding group of companies where you can grow with your skills and know-how.

What is your department responsible for?

Controlling is responsible for shareholder and management reporting. We also create decision-making bases for corporate development and management. Our department works closely with the accounting department and provides valuable information for the planning and target definition of the company.

The wide range of tasks can be divided into four sub-areas: Planning, Information, Control and Steering. We also deal with target deviation analysis and look for the causes of deviations from target values in order to take countermeasures if necessary. In addition to the typical tasks of a controlling department, treasury functions have also been integrated. The services are available to all units within the Qvest Group.

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What does your typical workday look like?

This depends entirely on the focus of the activity. At the beginning and end of the year, the focus is on the annual financial statements and reporting to shareholders and management. In contrast, we support various interfaces in day-to-day operations with information, evaluations and analyses. We closely track key company figures, derive measures for action and secure liquidity and margins through forward transactions on the market. We act as a sparring partner for investment measures and acquisitions. Another main focus is on increasing efficiency and target achievement.

What do you like the most about your job?

The variety of tasks and the continuous objectivity impress me the most at Qvest. In a constantly growing environment, it never gets boring. Controlling accompanies change processes in the company, so you can learn a lot about leadership and management. A flat hierarchy makes it possible to help shape developments. The factual way of dealing with issues is pleasant - personal sensitivities have no place in decision-making processes.

Nils Jansing, Qvest
Nils Jansing | Head of Controlling

At Qvest, I particularly like the fact that the employees are characterized by high motivation, helpfulness and the desire for optimization, which leads to a special "we" feeling.

Which project (or event) at Qvest do you remember most?

I have participated in many projects and events that I would like to mention. For example, I was part of the team that documented and substantiated the execution of one of Qvest Group's largest media projects to date. I also fondly remember all the projects where we were the general contractor in a new region or country and had to take extra care to always comply with all compliance rules.

Other personal highlights for me are the due diligence reviews in companies that Qvest acquired and writing business cases on synergies and new business areas.

When you think back to your beginnings at Qvest – what has changed since then, what has remained the same?

Qvest has undergone a massive transformation in the past seven years - from three companies and 200 employees to more than 20 companies with more than 1,000 employees. Sales have multiplied, new markets have been opened up. The organization was adapted accordingly to cope with the growth, new departments were established and processes improved.

The company has set up a shared service center to coordinate the services of the individual companies. Despite the enormous growth, the hunger for further success remains unbroken. Cohesion and helpfulness among colleagues remain high.

What tips do you have for applicants who want to work in your field?

I consider a meaningful application to be crucial. This means: It should not only contain a resume, but above all also reveal the motivation and intention. Why did I decide to become a controller? Why am I applying to Qvest? This also includes being able to explain the individual career paths and stations in the resume itself in a possible initial interview.

Personal attitude to work is very important to me. In addition to specialist knowledge and competence, applicants should also have a high level of motivation and initiative. Striving for success is a special characteristic of Qvest - and this quality should also be reflected in the personality of potential new employees.

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